Five Methods for Wireless Control of LED Display Screen Panel

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wireless control has more and more functions. Even in the office, people can easily control the LED display screen running outside. There are several wireless control methods for LED display screen, do you know? Below is to you for analysis.

First, RF wireless control: one end of RF module is connected to the control computer, the other end is connected to the control card serial port.

Second, WIFI wireless control: by installing wireless routers or other wireless devices, bridging with the user’s original wireless network, building a wireless local area network, convenient network control card into the wireless network, wireless network control. This method has the advantages of no wiring, easy installation and debugging, and fast data transmission. Required equipment and price, bridge, less than 800 yuan; wireless router (in the application of the display screen is best to choose the equipment of replaceable antenna, so as to effectively receive wireless signals), the price is about 100 yuan. The disadvantage is that the communication distance mainly depends on the gain capability of the bridge. The communication distance of wireless routing is relatively short, and the signal of partition wall is weak or no signal. It is suitable for short distance places with wireless signals. If your display area already has wireless signal coverage, it’s simpler. Just connect the wireless router connected to the control card in the display to your wireless network, and you can control the LED display on any computer in the intranet.

3. GPRS wireless control: GPRS module completes the dial-up process after power-up, connects to the data center server, the client accesses the server through the client software, and forwards the information by the server. It is characterized by convenient installation and debugging, no distance restriction, as long as there are mobile phone signals, you can receive information, and the price is relatively cheap, generally in the range of 200 to 400 yuan. The disadvantage is that the GPRS module needs to install a mobile card to dial up and surf the Internet, which will generate a certain amount of traffic cost every month (like the minimum 5 yuan traffic package of China Mobile can meet the demand). Due to the limitation of GPRS bandwidth, the transmission rate is slightly slow, so it is more suitable for single-color and double-color LED display which mainly plays text.

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