What do you know about the quotation of LED display wall panel?


LED display screen has been widely used in daily life and business activities. It can be seen everywhere. When people buy LED display screen, they need a quotation form from the manufacturer of the display screen to provide reference for selecting suppliers. Then how to quote the price of LED display, do you know? Now let’s introduce it to you.

1. Display screen cost: generally according to how much per square meter to calculate, that is, common LED display price XXX yuan/m2, which display model, materials used, quotation will be different. The price quotation includes a complete set of full-color LED display requirements: tube core, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic mask, as well as all the wiring and connection lines inside the display screen, and so on. Generally, it includes tax quotation, which may be different. We need to ask clearly when we consult.

2. Cost of control system: that is, the cost of sending card and receiving card of LED display screen. Generally, only one sending card is needed for a display screen, which is installed in the host computer, and the number of receiving cards is N. The number of control cards is mainly determined by the size of the display screen. Generally speaking, the larger the area and the higher the density of the LED display screen, the more the number of receiving cards used.

Above is the price quotation of LED display screen, including all aspects and the cost required. We summarize the above knowledge of the price quotation of these display screens, in order to facilitate customers to have a clear understanding when choosing and purchasing LED display screens, so that they can have a good idea when choosing and purchasing.

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