Why is the demand for outdoor DIP LED display still so strong?


In the first three quarters, the market of LED display screen, small pixel pitch and transparent screen have become a big fire, which seems to lead the development of the whole industry. But it is not the product with the strongest market demand, because the technical threshold of small spacing is relatively high, the market price is expensive, and transparent screen is not very large, as long as there are orders, the market can generally meet customer needs. In other words, what is the most demanding product? This is the reason why the conventional direct-inserted LED display screen, and listen to us slowly.

First, straight-plug LED has always occupied an unshakable position in outdoor LED display screen, and its application history has been more than 20 years. From the initial single and double primary color to the full-color LED display, the direct-inserted LED display has made a great contribution to the popularization and development of the entire LED display industry.

Secondly, in recent years, although many LED manufacturers have actively turned to the field of patch LED, the market demand for direct-inserted LED display has never been interrupted. In the past few years, the price war in conventional screen industry was so fierce that many manufacturers would endanger the survival of enterprises if they continued to make no profit in the field of conventional LED direct-plug screen. Therefore, many enterprises decided to withdraw from the field of conventional direct-plug LED display for profit and judgment of future industry development trend. In addition, most domestic LED display companies are exploring high-end markets such as Europe and the United States, which require high quality products and have strong price tolerance. This also gives enterprises with LED display on transformational tables more profit margin and power.

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