What determines the lifetime of the LED Video display Wall Panels?


With the continuous development of economy and society, LED display has become a very common electronic product in our daily life. Nowadays, various kinds of LED display screens can be seen everywhere in streets and lanes. They are either at the front of stores, in stores or in buildings. No matter where they are, LED display screens are dressed up in our city, which is a beautiful scenery.

As an electronic product, the LED display screen also has a life span. Without reasonable maintenance, the product may run out of order. If it is not handled for a long time, the product can not even be used again. So, what determines the lifetime of the LED display? Here are some details.

First, the performance of LED light source devices: LED bead devices are the most critical and life-related components of the LED display screen. For LED beads, the main indicators are attenuation characteristics, waterproof vapor permeability characteristics and anti-ultraviolet performance. If the LED display manufacturer fails to evaluate the performance of the LED beads, it will lead to a large number of quality accidents when applied to the display, which will seriously affect the life of the LED display.

Second, the impact of the working environment of the LED display screen: because of different uses, the working conditions of the advertising screen vary greatly. From the environmental point of view, the indoor temperature difference is small, without the influence of rain, snow and ultraviolet rays; the outdoor temperature difference can reach up to 70 degrees, plus wind, sun and rain. The bad environment will aggravate the aging of the display screen, and the working environment is also an important factor affecting the life of the LED display screen.

Summary: In a sense, the lifetime of the LED determines the lifetime of the whole LED display screen. The lifetime of LED is usually the time when the luminous intensity decreases to 50% of the initial value. As a semiconductor material, LED is often said to have a life of 100,000 hours, but it is evaluated under ideal conditions, but it can not be achieved in the actual use process.

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