Analysis of LED electronic video wall screen industry problems

led display wall (1)

LED electronic screen panel industry through decades of development, is considered to be the best equipment to replace the traditional led billboard. In fact, there are still many technical problems to be solved in front of domestic led people. Experts will list these problems and hope to arouse everyone’s attention.
LED chip skills, that is, this kind of combined semiconductor information, determines the most upstream industrial skills of LED electronic screens, and is also the core skills of LED. Unfortunately, these skills are only in the hands of a small number of countries, such as the United States and Japan, and patent protection has been carried out. Hope that we led people work together to grasp the core skills in their own hands.
In terms of skills, manufacturability design is underestimated, and the matching application of tooling and fixtures is not attached importance to. Manufacturability planning is mainly to study the physical characteristics of LED electronic screen products and the relationship between the various parts of the production system, and use it in commodity planning, so as to integrate all the production systems together for overall optimization and make it more standardized, that is, to standardize and simplify the production process, so as to reduce the cost, shorten the production time and advance the production of goods Sex and efficiency. Now the common phenomenon of LED electronic screen companies is that there are many production equipment, but there is no fixture at all, which is just the opposite of foreign companies. The use of supporting fixture can advance the reliability of goods and reduce the failure rate of goods. It is an equipment that can not be ignored in the production process.
Lack of top-down skills, lack of goal verification process from top to bottom. We need to differentiate the physical objectives, electrical targets and performance objectives, start from the details, assist with the verification method of reliability objectives, and formulate corresponding improvement methods and test plans to ensure that the inherent reliability of LED electronic screen reaches a higher level.
As for many existing electronic production standards, we ignore them, even think that there are no standards in the LED electronic screen industry. As a matter of fact, “general specification for LED electronic screen”, “test method for LED electronic screen” and other local standards have always existed. Each LED electronic screen company should pay attention to it, produce according to the standard and check according to the specification, so as to advance the skill level of all industries.
Only pay attention to reduce the production cost, regardless of the total cost of commodity life cycle. The speed of achievement expansion does not match with the team’s ability to progress, excessive commitment, and insufficient delivery. However, the total cost of LED electronic screen life cycle is far higher than its production cost. In recent years, the tide of closure is due to the rapid development of the market and the blind expansion of some companies, resulting in the failure of corresponding progress in the achievement team, resulting in the fracture of the capital chain and the numerous running of the big men. We must be down-to-earth, step by step, so that the LED electronic screen company and even the entire industry will be healthy and stable development.
Recognizing the above problems, we have to deal with them one by one. In this way, China’s LED electronic screen industry will move forward, change from “made in China” to “created in China”, advance the quality of LED electronic screen products, change the bad image of low price and low quality in the world, and become a big export country mastering the core technology of LED electronic screen.

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