What are the advantages of LED electronic screen over traditional light source

led billboard

LED electronic screen is used in indoor and outdoor billboards, light boxes, display counters dedicated LED lighting products. Traditional advertising light sources mainly use fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, etc. these light sources have many defects, which can not keep up with the pace of development of the times, and have been gradually eliminated by LED light sources.

LED electronic screen has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, long service life and beautiful light color. First of all, in terms of energy saving: the energy efficiency utilization rate of LED light box is as high as 80%, and the energy consumption is only about one tenth of the traditional LED light box. The traditional LED light box consumes 500W more power per hour than the ultra-thin LED light box. Generally, 60% of the electricity of the fluorescent lamp is converted into light energy, and 30-40% of the electricity is converted into heat energy. Among them, 200W electricity generates heat energy. In shopping malls, air conditioning consumes 200-300w power to balance the heat energy generated by 200W electricity. In this way, the ultra-thin LED light box with an area of 3 square meters saves 800W per hour compared with the traditional LED light box.
Secondly, it saves space than the traditional light source. The thickness of the traditional LED light box is usually 20cm, and the width of a column is 100cm. Then the LED light box with four sides of a column occupies 0.8 square meters of shopping mall space. The thickness of the ultra-thin LED light box is only 2.6cm. One column is surrounded by four sides, and the shopping mall space is 0.01 square meters, which can save 0.7 square meters of space and 10 columns of 7 square meters. In this way, we can save a lot of room money.
There is a good display effect, uniform light, no ribs shadow, high color reduction. The device is convenient and fast, and the traditional LED light box is not easy to move and can not be used again. The ultra-thin LED light box can be easily moved and reused. The box can be used for 10 years. The power of the device is improved by 50% and the labor cost is greatly reduced. The LED light box that we see outdoors is always shining, which is very effective in improving our visual impact in our static visual space. This is now in the fast-paced life and bear the pressure of the city people undoubtedly played a role in reducing visual fatigue.
LED electronic screen adopts new ultra bright LED, the characteristics of LED are very obvious, and its LED spectrum is almost concentrated in the visible light band, so its luminous power can reach 80 ~ 90%. In the world’s concept, energy-saving lamps can save energy by 4 / 5, which is now a huge innovation. But unexpectedly, LED is more energy-saving than energy-saving lamps, which is known as the greatest innovation in the history of lighting. In addition, LED electronic screen has many advantages. With the development of advertising industry, LED electronic screen has a very large market prospect.

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