Reasonable budget for LED video display screen cost

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the most impressive thing is the dazzling array of LED electronic screens, ranging from rectangular, arc-shaped, and even trapezoidal fan-shaped. These large LED screens come from different manufacturers, and the prices vary greatly. However, determining the price of LED electronic screens mainly depends on the following factors. Here is a brief analysis for everyone.

1. LED lamp beads. LED lamp beads are the most important component of LED electronic screens. According to the difference of dot pitch, each square meter of electronic screen consists of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of lamp beads. LED lights mainly include in-line and surface mount lamps. The in-line type is mainly used for outdoor LED electronic screens with high brightness, and the surface-mount type is mainly used for indoor LED electronic screens with high density. The price of LED lamp beads of different brands is also very different. When we buy LED electronic screens, we must clarify the brand of the lamp beads. For example, high-end brands such as American Cree, Japan’s Nichia, China’s Lehman, etc., the quality of these brands Reliable, good stability, high brightness, and of course expensive. Optoelectronics and Epistar are the most used electronic screens in China. These brands are cost-effective and acceptable to most users.

2. Steel structure. Affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure selection and other factors, the price of LED electronic screen projects will definitely vary greatly. Especially when making LED outdoor billboards, the project price varies greatly due to the impact of the construction environment. . The price of the steel frame consists of steel materials, steel material reprocessing, welding labor, and auxiliary material costs. The quotations for steel materials and reprocessing of materials are all based on weight. If the column is installed, the price of the steel and civil engineering of the column is also included.

3. Box structure. The box structure is divided into ordinary simple box, waterproof box and special-shaped structure box. Simple cabinets are the cheapest and do not require waterproof design, while cabinets with special-shaped structures are the most expensive. For example, if the box is made into an arc, circle, triangle or other irregular shape, it must be designed separately, and the mold is opened separately, which is very costly, and requires high requirements for designers and manufacturers of the box, and the price is naturally higher than ordinary The cabinet is much more expensive.

4. Other ancillary equipment and after-sales service period. Other materials such as power supply, control system, audio, heat dissipation equipment, wire and various accessories for making electronic screens. After-sales service is a problem that many customers easily ignore. At present, most manufacturers provide free after-sales time for one or two years. Of course, if your LED electronic screen requires high, it is best to let the manufacturer provide three, five years or even more Long free service time, so that your product is more secure, and it is more assured to use.

With the above factors, we can probably calculate the approximate cost of an LED electronic screen. Although there are a lot of manufacturers and the price war is very fierce, we must believe in the saying that “cheap is no good”. We must choose manufacturers with large scale, good reputation, and strong R&D capabilities such as product quality. Only when you can buy reliable products, you can have no worries.

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