Guide Manual for LED electronic screen wall purchasing

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In recent years, LED video wall advertising screen is more and more widely used. When we purchase LED large screen, it is necessary to consider the scale, standard, energy consumption, environment and other factors of LED large screen. The following is about how to select LED electronic screen.
1. Screen scale planning
There are three important elements in planning the screen size
. display content requirements
. space conditions
. electronic screen unit template size (indoor screen) or pixel size (outdoor screen)
The resolution of general LED electronic screen is 768 lines × 1024 columns. Special electronic screen can exceed this limit. The common method is to combine two screens; the other is to use ultra-high speed chip to plan the circuit, but the cost is higher.
The following is the planning reference scale of indoor screen:
The maximum dimension of the screen is about 2.0 m (height) × 3 m
The maximum dimension of the screen is about 2.5m (height) × 4m
The maximum dimension of the screen is about 3.7 m (height) × 6 m
When planning several scales of indoor electronic screen, it should be based on the scale of electronic screen unit template. The resolution of a cell template is generally 32 rows × 80 columns, that is, there are 2048 pixels in total, and its several scales are as follows:
The dimension of 3.75mm unit formwork is 153 mm (height) × 306 mm (width)
The dimension of φ 5 mm unit formwork is 244 mm (height) × 488 mm (width)
The size of the external frame of the indoor electronic screen can be determined according to the request, and generally should be in accordance with the size of the screen. The size of the outer frame is generally 4cm-10cm (each side).
As for the outdoor screen, the pixel scale should be determined first. The selection of pixel scale should not only consider the demand of display content and space elements mentioned above, but also consider the equipment orientation and sight distance. If the equipment orientation is further away from the main line of sight, the pixel scale should be larger. Because the larger the pixel size, the more luminous tubes are in the pixel, the higher the brightness, and the farther the useful sight distance is. However, the larger the pixel scale, the lower the pixel resolution per unit area and the less content to be displayed.
2. Power consumption and power request
The power consumption of LED electronic screen is divided into uniform power consumption and maximum power consumption. Uniform power consumption, also known as operation power consumption, is the usual practice power consumption. The maximum power consumption is the power consumption when starting or full lighting, etc., and the maximum power consumption is the essential factor for AC power supply (wire diameter, switch, etc.) that needs to be considered
Uniform power consumption: 200W / m2; maximum power consumption: 450W / m2, power consumption of φ 3.75mm electronic screen = φ 5mm electronic screen power consumption × 2.5 times. Electronic screen belongs to large-scale fine electronic equipment. For safe operation and reliable operation, its AC220V power input terminal or AC220V power input end of connected microcomputer must be grounded.

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