Smart city needs LED lamp pole screen for advertising sign


LED lamp pole screen belongs to smart city terminal equipment, equipped with multi-functional sensors, data network and other facilities, functional cluster: 1, embedded LAN, WiFi, monitoring, face recognition, 4 G intelligent management core module; 2. Automatic brightness adjustment, temperature control and heat dissipation, real-time monitoring of the internal temperature and humidity of the screen; 3. GPS precise positioning; 4. Air temperature and humidity monitoring (PM2.5); 5. Online remote monitoring and management function of text, picture and video broadcast content terminal (simultaneous and different step playing).
Smart city home LED lamp pole screen
Smart city led light pole screen features:
1. With ultra-high brightness LED, it can be seen clearly at a long distance;
2. Using nonlinear correction technology, the image is clearer and more hierarchical;
3. Adopting modular design technology, the reliability and stability are higher;
4. Remote wireless (3G, 4G, WiFi and mobile app) control is adopted, and the system operation is simple and convenient;
5. LED lamp pole screen with small, broad, multi-point launch;
6. Compared with the traditional light box advertising, video broadcast is better;
7. In line with the national road traffic planning and urban planning.
8. The municipal publicity information was released in a centralized way,
9. Commercial advertising large regional operation;
10. The information is broadcast synchronously, which can realize the whole network broadcast;
11. It can be controlled by cluster and monitor the broadcast status in real time;
12. Products can be customized design, easy to maintain and install.

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