Wireless LED display screen with 4G, wifi,GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, usb disk

wireless led screen wall

Wireless LED display screen uses 4G, wifi,GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless communication networks to complete the long-distance, real-time and large-scale planning network information release of LED electronic screen. It is not bound by region, interval and wiring. What are the advantages of wireless LED electronic screen?

1、 Large network planning: wireless LED electronic screen sends information through GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless networks. TCP / IP network transmission protocol is selected, and the number of terminal networking is not constrained, so the network can be planned in a large scale.
2、 Real time information release: the wireless LED electronic screen can accept the information sent by the information center at any time.
3、 Not limited by the interval: wireless LED electronic screen can be used nationwide, as long as there is wireless network signal coverage in the local can be used, not subject to the constraints of spacing and orientation.
4、 Convenient device protection: because there is no need to lay optical cable or communication cable, the orientation of wireless LED electronic screen is easy to choose. Modular planning, easy to protect and maintain, and actively retain all information, active dial-up Internet, drop line active redial to ensure reliable connection, wireless LED electronic screen will play the original information when power is off again, anti-interference planning, suitable for use in harsh electromagnetic environment, high and low temperature planning, accustomed to low temperature and high temperature working environment.
5、 Multiple information release methods: according to the different communication networks selected, different information sending methods can be selected to update the information on the wireless LED electronic screen, and the information can be sent in groups, groups and single point. Such as: the computer through the Internet related website to send, the computer through the special information transmission module sent, general mobile phone sent, etc.
6、 A variety of LED electronic screen options: all kinds of indoor, semi outdoor, outdoor single primary color, double primary color, colorful, etc.
7、 Multiple language choices: such as numbers, letters, Chinese, English, etc.
8、 Rich information display methods: each information can be customized its display method and residence time, can be displayed in any arrangement, very sensitive.
9、 A variety of information encryption methods: for example, the identification code and check code can be set according to the user’s needs, or only the special number can be accepted. Ensure information security.
10、 Support a variety of special effects.

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