key points for LED video wall display screen purchase

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The following is a brief introduction of three basic LED electronic screen purchase points, for indoor and outdoor led video wall screens, no matter it is for rental led wall or fixed led walls like P4 p5 p6 p8 p10 smd display : 1. the color of LED electronic screen is divided into single color (red), double color (red, green), and full-color (red, blue, green). Generally speaking, monochrome and bicolor screens are mainly used to play text, while full-color screens are mainly used to play animations.

2. Installation environment: the installation environment is an important factor for us to choose LED electronic screen. Choosing the installation site in advance not only helps us to choose the right LED electronic screen, but also enables the supplier to design the appropriate scheme and display effect for us. Different installation environment has different requirements for LED electronic screen brightness.
LED electronic screen

3. Density: the image of LED electronic screen is made up of pixels. The standard to measure the density and sparsity of pixels is the point density. The physical meaning is: per unit square meter, the number of luminous pixels, the unit is: dots / m2, the density of indoor screen is much larger than that of outdoor screen.

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