P5 P10 outdoor led advertising video wall installation safety

outdoor led displays

Now the proportion of led electronic screens P10 P8 P6 P5 P4 P3 in outdoor advertising is over 60%. The installation method of the outdoor led electronic screen large screen is also varied.

There are huge advertisements on domestic streets, high-rise buildings, and high-speed roadsides. In the event of strong winds, it is easy to smash property and injure people. A billboard collapsed in Guangzhou not long ago.

So today is mainly to share with you the method of outdoor led electronic screen large screen reinforcement,

1. Foundation expansion method: increase the area of ​​the base of the outdoor LED electronic screen by setting a concrete enclosure or reinforced concrete enclosure, and change the uneven settlement of the foundation due to the small area of ​​the electronic screen foundation and insufficient bearing capacity.

2. Pit-type underpinning method: pouring concrete directly after digging pit under the underpinning foundation.

3. Pile underpinning method: adopting various types of piles such as static pressure columns, driving piles, and pouring piles at the lower or both sides of the electronic screen foundation to reinforce the foundation.

4. Grouting underpinning method: Inject chemical slurry evenly into the foundation, and then use these slurries to cement and solidify the original loose soil or cracks, so as to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and waterproof and impermeability.

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