What are the advantages of LED traffic VMS led display screens for signs

traffic led display screen

the price of highway P8 P10 P16  LED electronic digital screens continues to fall, the use of LEDs for urban traffic signal lights in major and medium-sized cities and signal lights on highways, railways and airports will become a trend. What are the advantages of traffic LED electronic screens?

The LED electronic screen products used in the transportation field mainly include red, green, and yellow signal indicators, digital timing indicators, arrow indicators, etc. The product is required to be bright under high-intensity ambient light during the day and reduce the brightness at night to avoid glare. Traffic guidance LED screen has the following advantages

led electronic screen

① High safety. It can avoid the misjudgment caused by false display, and the economic and social benefits are very significant.

②Long service life, which can reach more than 50,000h, greatly reducing the cost of overhaul and maintenance.

③Energy saving. When the traffic signal light intensity standard is met, the power consumption of the LED traffic signal lamp is greatly reduced compared with the incandescent lamp, which is only 10% of the incandescent lamp, and the energy saving effect is significant.

Traffic guidance LED electronic screens include traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic markings, etc., and a unified road traffic signal is implemented nationwide.

①Traffic markings. It can be divided into indicating markings, warning markings and prohibiting markings.

②Traffic signs. Including knowledge signs, warning signs, prohibition signs, guide signs, tourist area signs, road construction safety signs and auxiliary signs.

③Traffic lights. Traffic signal lights are composed of red, green, and yellow lights. A red light means no traffic, a green light means permission to pass, and a yellow light means a warning. The “Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Law” classify traffic signal lights into motor vehicle signal lights, non-motor vehicle signal stings, crosswalk signal lights, lane signal lights, direction indicator lights, flashing warning lights, and road and railway level crossing signals.

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