Production process of digital led video wall for indoor and outdoor use.

led screen panel

Want to know the production of indoor outdoor P1.25 P1.5 P1.8 P1.9 P2 P2.5 P2.9 P3 P3.91 P4 P4.81 P5 P6 P8 P10?
Detailed explanation of technological process of LED electronic screen production
. LED electronic screen technology:
1) Cleaning: select ultrasonic cleaning PCB or LED bracket, and dry.
2) LED electronic screen mounting: after silver glue is prepared on the bottom electrode of LED die (large wafer), the expanded tube core (large wafer) is installed on the spindles table. Under the microscope, the die is installed one by one on the corresponding pads of PCB or LED bracket, and then sintered to solidify the silver glue.3) LED electronic screen pressure welding: aluminum wire or gold wire welding machine is used to connect the electrode to the LED tube core for current writing. Led directly installed on the PCB, usually choose aluminum wire welding machine. (manufacturing white top-led needs gold wire welder)
4) LED electronic screen package: after dispensing, the LED die and welding wire are maintained by epoxy resin. In PCB board dispensing, there are strict requirements for the gel shape after curing, which is directly related to the brightness of backlight products. This process will also undertake the mission of phosphor (white LED).
5) LED video screen welding: if the backlight is smd-led or other packaged led, it is required to weld the led to PCB before installing technology.
6 LED electronic screen cutting film: using punch die cutting backlight required by various diffusion film, reflective film, etc.
7) LED electronic screen installation: according to the drawing request, the backlight source’s various materials and techniques should be installed in the correct position.
8) LED electronic screen test: check whether the photoelectric parameters of backlight and light uniformity are outstanding.
9 LED electronic screen packaging: packaging and warehousing products according to the request.

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