production process of led display screen video walls

rental led displays

Detailed explanation of the technical process of LED electronic screen production; LED electronic screen technology for indoor and outdoor rental fixed led video walls, used in various advertising videos.:
1) Cleaning: Use ultrasonic to clean PCB or LED bracket and dry it.
2) LED electronic screen mounting frame: After preparing the silver glue on the bottom electrode of the LED die (large wafer), expand it, and place the enlarged die (large wafer) on the crystal table, and use a crystal pen under the microscope. Mount the dies one by one on the corresponding pads of the PCB or LED bracket, and then sinter to cure the silver glue.
3) LED electronic screen pressure welding: use aluminum wire or gold wire welding machine to connect the electrode to the LED die for the lead of current writing. The LED is directly mounted on the PCB, usually using an aluminum wire welding machine. (Manufacturing white light TOP-LED demand gold wire welding machine)
4) LED video screen packaging: After dispensing, the LED die and bonding wire are maintained with epoxy. Dispensing glue on the PCB has strict requirements on the shape of the glue after curing, which is directly related to the brightness of the backlight product. This process will also take on the mission of phosphor (white LED).
5) LED electronic screen welding: If the backlight source is SMD-LED or other packaged LEDs, the LED needs to be soldered to the PCB board before the installation technology.
6LED electronic screen cutting film: die-cut various diffusion films and reflective films required by the backlight with a punch.
7) LED electronic screen installation: according to the request of the drawing, install the various data technology of the backlight in the correct orientation.
8) LED electronic screen test: Check the photoelectric parameters of the backlight source and whether the light uniformity is outstanding.
9 LED electronic screen packaging: packaging and warehousing products as required

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