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The P10 LED outdoor display means the outdoor Du display with a spacing of 10mm between LED lamps
Outdoor display screen: it adopts super gray control technology, modular structure design and VLSI design technology, which greatly improves the stability, reliability and playback effect of the display screen system.
With the computer as the processing control center, the electronic screen corresponds to a certain area of the VGA window point by point, the display content is synchronized in real time, the screen mapping position is adjustable, and the size of the display screen can be easily selected at will.
The display dot matrix adopts ultra-high brightness LED (red and green dual primary colors), 256 levels of gray, 65536 color change combinations, rich and realistic colors, and supports vga24 bit true color display mode.
Equipped with graphic information and 3D animation playing software, it can play high-quality graphic information and 3D animation. There are more than ten ways to play software display information, such as covering, closing, curtain opening, color alternation, zooming in and out.
Attention: LED display screen is installed outdoors, often in the sun and rain, wind and dust cover, poor working environment. If the electronic equipment is wet or seriously affected with damp, it will cause short circuit or even fire, cause fault or even fire, and cause loss.